About Us


Tangram is a dissection puzzle invented in China, consisting of seven flat pieces that can be put together to form various shapes. In this context, we humans are constituted of 7 major elements that are responsible for shaping our personality. We all have the same brain, yet each individual is unique in the way they think and feel. Here at Tangram, we celebrate individual differences and help recognize their potential so as to appreciate themselves.

Tangram was established by Dr. Nimrat Singh with an aim of "tracking the human mind", to provide services across various spheres of Psychological Testing, Assessment, Human Resource Training and Consultancy to Individuals, Educational Institutions and Organizations.

Our expertise lies in integrating all the elements of the human mind - to establish a sense of awakening and to discover the self within.

Our expert psychologists, counselors and management trainers also travel across India for coaching and consultancy in employee assessment for selection, training and wholesome development.

We aim to provide the stability and anchorage where individuals and groups -

  • Can explore issues pertaining to choices in education, occupation, quality of relationships and the transaction between different generations within these areas.
  • Can look beyond the existing socio – cultural prescriptions and redefine membership and roles in systems and institutions.


Human beings need to:

  • Discover their self-identity and nourish multiple roles of the human context.
  • Foster and replenish well-being in themselves, others and the society.
  • Accept the gift of life with grace and dignity.


To reach out to all fellow beings and to foster their emotional and psychological well-being, thereby facilitating self-growth through reflexivity and introspection.


  • To take charge of the self and one's life.
  • To anchor one within the self and the system simultaneously.
  • To choose a path with conviction and courage.