I have known Dr. Nimrat P. Singh for the last 10 years; we work together and associated as colleagues. I refer my patients to her for psycho-diagnostaic and assessment. Her reports help me to manage my patients in a more scientific way. She provides my patients with psychological assessment like the TAT, wAls, wlsc, Rorscha and personality tests. Through her findings, I am able to guide my patients medically. Apart, from the preliminary diagnosis, I refer my patients for psychotherapy too. The nature of psychotherapy includes marital counselling, psycho education and child counselling and cognitive therapy.

Her domain knowledge in the field of psychiatric diagnosis and terminology is excellent. Her strength lies in her ability to diagnose the disorder and manage a wide range of patients from diagnosis to psychotherapy.

Nimrat does excellent BT and we are able to get best results for our patients. she is highly enthusiastic in her work and works with utmost perfection, dwelling deep into the patient's history, patterns and the mental status examination. She establishes deep connect with the patient relatives and provides the desired psycho educational intervention and helps devise strategies to cope with the patient.

overall, Nimrat and her team at Tangram work zealously and precisely to provide excellence in diagnosis and therapy. Much of their success is seen in high incidence of recovery and reduced dependency on medication.

I am highly satisfied with drive for result orientation. She is excellent in her work as a clinical Psychologist.

- Dr. Laxman Dutt

After coming for counseling, I was brought face to face with my limitations and how to deal with my husband's negative qualities a well. It saved and improved our relationship at a time when my marriage was totally lost. I was blaming my in laws and my family till then. After I met Dr. Nimrat Singh, my eyes opened and I grew as a person.

- (Anonymous) A male doctor married to a female lawyer

Parental Feedback

We have a wonderful experience at Tangram when we have decided to put our child there for career counselling. Talking to Ms. Singh itself is very pleasant experience. It appears she can read the insights of you. We thank her from the bottom of our heart for guiding our only child and also guiding us to how to handle a very lovely child like her.

- Lovely Majumdar

It was really a very great experience here. I could understand myself and my child bitterly. I could understand small- small things matter a lot.

Just giving time to the child is not only important, but giving him loving time and make hi, feel that he is important to us is making difference.

To build his confidence it is really very important to know himself that he can do it and nothing is impossible for him to do.

I am really very much thankful to Dr. Singh to show me a path with which I can get great happiness.

- Sonali Thakkar

Proactive Parenting

Thank you for sending me your well written book on parents. I have gone through the book thoroughly in these 4days. I want to congratulate you for your hard work evident while reading the book. You have really done well to integrate the concepts and your clinical experiences.

This book I am sure will be of great help to practicing professionals in the field of mental health like Psychologists, counselors, and school counselors. I understand this will be of great help in understanding the children and interacting with them for the parents who face normal developmental problems with their children and adolescents.

- Suresh Majmudar, Clinical Psychologist

When I was a first time parent, the only book we had to refer to was Dr. Spock - and the context was very alien to us.  for the first time, we have a book penned by the very capable and wise Dr. Nimrat - who offers her insights gleaned from many years of experience in small palatable chunks - making each new parent understand the difference between 'mothering' and 'smothering' :-) a must read for all parents - young and old!

- Kiran Bir Sethi, Director, The Riverside School

Students Feedback

These tests have helped me to accept certain weakness which I thought I have but couldn't understand and realize. I am very satisfied with the result and the analysis. It seems I just needed some sort of validation or confirmation about certain ideas I had and believed in but wasn't sure because of being confused state. These tests have cleared up a lot for me. Honestly, quite relieving. I hope to clear up more with some exploration and discussion.

- Dipanati Babulkar

I enjoyed this Aptitude test whatever the result came I think it really reflects my personality. I learned many things about myself confident. I should take risks and I should be more attentive in studies. When I was giving this test my thinking was tested and I could think and I think I think I gave the test well.

- Parth Shah


"It was indeed a wonderful experience to have such a highly sensitized individual likely you visiting Samvedana.

During the summer workshop this May at Samvedana for the underprivileged children residing in the slum areas of Vadaj, Tangram's two sessions, of taking the holistic test with 30 students and then discussing the profiles with them were extremely precious to us as well as our students. For them, such a comprehensive inquiry on their own self, for their career, was in itself a virgin treat! That gave them and their parents an altogether newer and clearer perception to view themselves as well as their own children. Even it gave us, at Samvedana, a clarity on the final picture on what we are working on, to support us fill up the puzzle pieces towards the making of a meaningful future for each student.

Not just the content of your inputs but the passion with which you and your team delivered it was even more commendable.

I thank you so much for taking interest in our endeavor and looking forward to walking together on this road less traveled."

- Janki Vasant, Founder, Samvedana

"Your guidance has enriched the design of the curriculum of this program. Your sessions have given a right direction to the program and helped the children gain insights into their own potential and strengthened them to become stronger and better. Due to your deep understanding of human behavior, as well as your prior experience with children, the sharing and feedback helped us become better trainers by understanding the children, their needs and issues. More than anything, your continuing support right from the beginning has been a boost for all of us and the foundation."

- Renita Patel, Founder, Poiesis Achievement Foundation.

"Dr. Nimrat Singh has had a long association with CalorxPrerna. She has been consulted regularly for guiding our students for their future development and parents and students find her holistic approach for career counseling very useful. It not only gives students and parents clear directions for the future course of study but also gives an insight to their interests and learning styles for them to sustain their chosen careers lifelong.

Dr. Singh has been holding regular sessions for our teachers, students and parents and has been an active member of the Friends and Dyslexia group which aims to sensitize the society and spread awareness about this learning difficulty.

Her professional approach has led to a lot of positive feedback from all the parents and students who have interacted with her and have guided well.

We are continuously seeking her help and guidance for our students through her and have been receiving wholehearted cooperation."

- Uzma Aamir, Head of Institute, Prerna