Why Tangram

The individual encounters – all at one time – biological, chronological, social, psychological and emotional states of being and becoming in the context of transaction and flux in the society, family and the environment. He/ she experiences many uncertainties and doubts and has to choose from unfamiliar, inadequate and large amount of unprocessed information.

The media, peer–pressure, alternative occupational choices, change in lifestyle and relationships push & pull the individual in multiple directions. The pressure of performance and better future prospects, deprive children, students and adults from other value added meanings of living. The inability to find self-chosen directions and other alternatives creates anxiety, stress and deprives people from forging meaningful relationships and a satisfactory life.

For a long time, family and educational institutions were the core which provided directions for the individual to make socially desirable choices. Today the significance of these institutions has eroded.

Today, the rapidly changing society (family, educational institutions and organizations etc.) is unable to provide forums where experiences can be explored and dilemmas of relational, occupational and life choices can be resolved with sensitivity and dignity.

As professionals, we have been trained to listen to your issues empathetically, with an open mind, to understand as fully as possible what concerns you and how it's affecting your life.

We become aware of your coping resources and aid you in discovering healthier ways of dealing with 'difficult' feelings, people and/or situations.

We maintain an environment of absolute respect and confidentiality. This is to ensure that the Counselor/ Client relationship is conducted within strict professional guidelines.