Adult Individuals


Tangram caters to the need of every individual in their different stages of lifealong with the ongoing emotional and psychological issues as well as deep-rooted psychological problems. People who are finding it difficult to cope with their personal problems, interpersonal relationship, and any environmental condition can visit us.

A one to one exploration of experiences and resolution of dilemmas of relational, occupational and life choices with sensitivity and dignity. This will help -

  • Prevent mild problems from becoming chronic
  • Gain a deeper self-knowledge
  • Equip the individual with healthy coping habits to deal with the stressors
  • Change one's attitude and perception (developing skills and strategies)


Dipali, aged 19 years is a graduate in Business Administration. She is completely confused about what to pursue further.

Ajay a BE graduate from a premier institute of India is at a cross roads whether to pursue ME or MBA in India or abroad, or maybe take up a job and study later.

These students can be best helped by assessing them scientifically for their strengths and skill sets. A talent profiling provides quantitative and qualitative analysis on the individual competencies and the match with the career requirement and job demands.

Similarly, Talent Profiling can be used for entry level managers to map their professional interests' and provide the right role.

There are certain key indicators of performance that significantly correlate to professional success of practitioners. These measures are identified and tested through assessment tools.

Behavioral attribute and aptitudes are two major determinants of talent. The key clusters are as below : -

Behavioral attributes

  • 1. Social skills
  • 2. Well-being
  • 3. Planning & Organization ability
  • 4. Readiness to changes


  • 1. Verbal thinking
  • 2. Quantitative Analysis
  • 3. Logical Reasoning
  • 4. Lateral Thinking


Psychotherapy is an interactive process offered to an individual undergoing a mental or an emotional problem and needs a professional psychotherapist to help overcome it. Patients suffering from mental disorders like schizophrenia, mood disorders, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, or phobias, are best helped through therapy.

Therapy helps to reach the deepest layers of the unconscious and free the patient from the withheld feelings. The patient starts feeling better and hence, copes better with himself/herself and others around them.

We specialize in CBT, REBT, Client Centered Therapy, TA, and ISTDP.